I am driven by the need for a language that helps to feel and articulate the ‘space in between everything’. A curiosity towards the intangible layers of life has been an indispensable part of my world. I have an interest in the ‘searching’man in various forms. The act of searching is rooted in the content of what I make and it also forms the base of the way I make it. The process of creating an image is accompanied by a wordless, inner dialogue and can be seen as intuitive work. It is about being a human and the mystical dimension of experiencing life. At the same time the ‘outer’ world is an important recourse for themes and topics in which this realm is deeply felt. Stages of transition like coming of age phases and for example the process of dying and birth can be found in my work as well as moments of timelessness. The non-concrete is an important part of my practice. As it creates space for the adventure of ‘not knowing’ and gives the worlds inside these images room for some movement and interpretation. There is a focus on the idea of a collective awareness and corresponding primal images in context to my own universe of archetypes and visual landmarks.

Fleur Carlier got her Bachelor  in Fine Art and Education in 2014 at De Breitner Academie in Amsterdam. After some years of teaching Art, while developing her visual work, she is at the moment mainly focussing on her artistic practice.

Fleur Carlier (1981) lives and works in Amsterdam.


05-11/13-11  2022  Group Exhibition Recht op Kunst Former Court Amsterdam
01-10/31-10  2021 Group Exhibition Contrast Seeyou@art, Mercatorplein, Amsterdam
01-08/ 30-9  2021 Etalage exhibition Kijkkunst!
01-05/21-05  2021  Group Exhibition Galerie Kunstruim, Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam
31-03/21-042021Virtual group exhibition New Era, Artnumber 23 
04-12/19-12  2020 Group Exhibition, Popup- Galerie, Zwanenburgwal, Amsterdam
07-09/13-09  2020  Online exhibition Kunstruim  De week van het Engagement
01-08/31-08  2020Covid-window exhibition  Ride to Art, Amsterdam-Oost
01-07/07-07  2020  Online Summer expo, Art Unites Midnight in Amsterdam
16-11/17-11 2019 Group Exhibition Kunstruim Centrum Oost, Amsterdam 
09-10/19-12   2014  Group Exhebition Corrosia, Almere


De  Amsterdamse MAVO2016-2021  Teacher of Visual Education and Art History 
Fons Vitae Lyceum2014-2017  Teacher of Drawing and Art History 


Breitner Academie (AHK)1-8 2010/ 1-8 2014 Bachelor of Fine Art and Education (with honors)